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Prep-work is the foundation any good paint job and we take great pride in doing it right. Pollock’s Decorative Painting & Wallpapering offers a wide range of ideas and colors for the interior painting of your home.

Whether painting one room or an entire home or office, all of our jobs are viewed in the same manner:  as an investment in our future by completing a high-quality job to our customer’s complete Interiorsatisfaction.

Selecting the right paint color for your home can be tedious and difficult. That is why Pollock’s Decorative Painting & Wallpapering takes the headache out of the guess work.  The owner, Larry Pollock, will provide a personal color consultation.  With more than 20 years of experience, he will help you choose the colors that will add warmth and style to your space, complimenting your style and creating a pleasing visual flow from one room to the next.

About 60% of interior painting is the preparation.  Larry Pollock learned early on that the key to a successful interior paint job is the preparation. Although labor intensive and time consuming, properly preparing a room for painting allows for proper application, long-term durability, easier clean up, and a more professional look to the final work.
Pollock’s Decorative Painting & Wallpapering has experience in complete interior painting including cabinets, louvered and solid doors, base boards, walls, and ceilings.  With efficiency and quality in mind, we follow a strict process on any interior painting project which involves attention to all details including: planning, color consulting, prep-work, finish-work, clean up, and closing details.  Larry Pollock and his crew take care of your home by making sure that every piece of furniture is covered and secured before the painting. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

High-quality painting and wallpapering projects require specialized skills. That is one of the reasons why people pay for the services of a professional contractor.  Time constraints, convenience, safety, and health are among other considerations.  If you desire a finished project that meets the highest standard of excellence, you will want to call on Pollock’s Decorative Painting & Wallpapering.

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